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Dr. Harriet Hagood-Roberson, Kingdom Connector

Dr. Harriet, as she is affectionately known, is an Author, Life Coach, Motivational/Conference Speaker, and a passionate Philanthropist. She is a former TV and Radio Personality and writes several columns in magazines. Having a heart for marriages, Harriet and Her husband, Anthony, are Certified Marriage Facilitators through Family Dynamics and the founders of “Great Marriages Rock” Marriage Fellowship with over three thousand followers around the world.

Dr. Harriet is the CEO of Roberson International INC which operates several successful businesses. Including a Public Relations and Marketing Group. One of her most famous clients is Dr. Jamal Bryant. She also serves on several Executive Boards.

She is also the CEO of Roberson International Ministries and has partnered and facilitated International mission work throughout Brazil as well as the underserved in her local communities.

Harriet is the US Representative for a Brazilian Publishing Company that translates books from English to Portuguese and markets them throughout Brazil and the nine other Portuguese speaking countries.

She is co-founder of the Women’s Empowerment Network.  An International Network that is a diverse, multi-cultural group of women, who empower, encourage, inspire, support, and push each other to greatness. This group gives women an extraordinary platform to build their brand, ministry, book, or business. Harriet Co-Host’s a weekly Ladies Zoom Call that reaches women all over the world.

Dr. Harriet is the daughter of a COGIC Superintendent and District Missionary and has been active in church her entire life. Working in many leadership roles.

She has a consuming passion for people, especially women, to know their destiny and purpose in God’s outstanding plan for His people. She boldly speaks the Word of God and penetrates the hardest of broken hearts with clarity, insight, humor, and wisdom. She is known for her obvious enthusiasm and love for people, making her an inspiration to everyone she encounters.

Harriet has been married to Anthony Roberson, Sr for 39 years, they have 2 married daughters, 1 son and 2 grandsons.

In her spare time Harriet’s personal interest includes traveling to her son’s college football games, luxury vacations, playing golf, and spending quality time with family and her grandsons.

DREAM BIG and Walk In Your Purpose”
DREAM BIG and Walk In Your Purpose”

Harriet Roberson

Motivator, Kingdom Connector, Philanthropist

“If you want to grow closer, you have to be intentional about it. Do something to work on your marriage everyday.”


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